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Crosspost: The Missing Maps Project

This morning I stumbled across an article about the Missing Maps initiative, published online in “The Guardian” newspaper.

Under the bottom line, the initiative aims at completing OpenStreetMap in the world’s regions most at risk from natural disasters. In this way, the initiative can be seen as a meaningful complement to the work of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, since mapping efforts organized or supported by HOT OSM for disaster affected regions often happen after a disaster struck a region. The Missing Maps project is bringing an idea and principle into the world of remote crisis mapping which is already well established in the field of Disaster Risk Management: The more efforts you invest into disaster preparedness and reduction, the less harm will happen and the more efficient and effective can disaster response efforts be carried out.

Some members of the Disaster Mappers Heidelberg Team could take the chance to talk to the founders of the Missing Maps Project during the GeONG conference in Chambery. We will seek to foster a relationship between the Missing Maps Project and Disaster Mappers Heidelberg.