Kate Chapman (HOT OSM) – “VGI in Humanitarian Aid”

After a great Mapping Party for the Missing Maps project, we were very happy to already have prepared another highlight for the next disastermappers colloquium: last wednesday Kate Chapman, the Executive Director of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) was giving a live lecture to the interested audience. Since many years Kate is an active member in the international humanitarian aid community and involved in huge relief and recovery campaigns such as during and in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti 2010 or the Typhoon Haiyan at the Philippines last year.
In her lecture, Kate covered many interesting and up-to-date issues concerning interplay between the professional humanitarian community and the volunteer digital humanitarian community.
At first Kate hold a short introductory speech about OSM and HOT in the humanitarian aid and the idea of the Missing Maps Project.
Then, she talked about her work with HOT, especially her experience and successes in disaster risk management in Indonesia. In a collaboration with national, international, governmental and non-governmental actors HOT contributed to the development of the OpenSource Software InaSAFE, a GIS application for a simple modelling of natural hazard impact scenarios.
At the end of the session, we came to the question which could be of specific interest for geography students who want to work in the field of disaster management or humanitarian help: “How did you get there?”
So Kate gave us a small insight in her own biography: by profession she is a geographer, but what actually brought her to HOT was being a passionate mapping-enthusiast – just like us 🙂
With this encouragement directly from one of the key actors in the humanitarian mapping environment, we want to become more active and we will have a brainstorming session next week Wednesday on how to get further involved.IMAG2559

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