1,000,000,000 ways to handle OpenStreetMap data

Again, we want to send a warm „Thank you!” to everyone who participated in the workshops last Wednesday. It was quite impressive for us, how many of you took the chance to explore some of the 1,000,000,000 possible (and maybe sometimes still impossible) ways to handle OpenStreetMap data.

In the beginners workshop more than 25 people learned the basics of OpenStreetMap, how to download preprocessed OpenStreeMap data from the website Geofabrik and how to visualize the data using GIS software. A lot of them stayed even longer and helped to complete the mapping task for the Missing Maps Project we started 3 weeks ago.

In the intermediate workshop, we welcomed everyone who already had some experience with OpenStreetMap and GIS software in general. In this workshop we gave a presentation about some of the websites and tools beside Geofabrik, such as overpass-turbo, weogeo, bbbike, the OpenStreetMap Plugin for QGIS and for ArcGIS. After that everyone had the possibility to test the tools by himself. We documented our experiences with the different tools on a new page at our website. Just navigate to the “But how…” page and you will get the information. And don’t hesitate to insert your personal experiences.

The workshop for professionals was held by Christopher Barron, who is a formerly student of the Heidelberg University and dedicated OpenStreetMap expert. In spite of a few technical issues in the beginning, and thanks to the great motivation of Christopher and the 10 participants, this workshop turned out in success as well. Based on Christopher’s efforts, exporting data from OpenStreetMap directly into a postgreSQL database and starting own analysis, shouldn’t be a problem for the “professionals” anymore. 😉

We hope you enjoyed the workshops as much as we did and hope to see you again. Maybe next Wednesday (3rd December) for the “OpenStreetMap und Wheelmap Mapping Party” or the Wednesday after that (10th December) at the Disastermappers Kolloquium.




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