disastermappers heidelberg honored by first mayor of Mannheim

Last friday we were invited to a very special event at Mannheim townhall- to get honored for our support of the OpenDataDay in Mannheim. The first mayor of Mannheim was very impressed by the engagement and the different project ideas that were introduced and developed during the Barcamp and Hacktogether- engagement and ideas that he wanted to learn about, honor and would also like to support further. Therefore the different projects that took part in the OpenDataDay were invited to present their initiatives at the townhall in Mannheim. Here representatives of the Cap4Access Project, of Dude where is my train? and the Wikiwars project as well as we described the motivation, the ideas behind the initiatives as well as methods used in the projects. Furthermore possible future projects ideas were introduced and discussed. 10422385_10206063554605367_917451158788476244_n This event was a great way to make the most important actors in our region aware of the advantages Open Data brings to the public and moreover to teach about the possibilities disaster mapping provides. Apart from this, we could also learn about the official point of view and ways to cooperate. This event is concidered to be the launch for a series of events and meetings to improve the communication and information sharing between the various open data enthusiasts and the official stakeholders in our region- we are very looking forward! The projects were furthermore honored with 200 Euro. The next mapping event is secured 🙂



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