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Mapping Volunteers donate Time to help Disaster Response following the Nepal Earthquake

One way how people can express their solidarity with the communities affected by disasters and make a contribution to the disaster response efforts is donating their time.

Following the earthquake which struck Nepal on the 25th of april hundreds of volunteers worldwide come together to map out disaster affected areas through the coordination of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap team and the local partner in Kathmandu, the Kathmandu Living Labs team.

disastermappers heidelberg joined the efforts on monday evening by organizing a mapping event. Thanks a million to all the volunteers who came by to donate their time to do good! Together with our fellow students who are on field-visit in greece we could count more than 50 contributors.



The mapping goes on – should you be interested in continue the mapping stay tuned and have a look on the latest mapping tasks here.

We also have created a Mapping Support Skype Chat. Should you have any questions you can sign up here or contact “milli1213” on skype to get added to the Skype Chat and then get support with your mapping.

“One Map One Love”

Svend Jonas