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Semester Start mapathon coverage in SWR aktuell

A big thank you to all the mappers that supported the fight against Malaria in our Semester Start Mapathon yesterday!

In three hours, buildings in an area of around 400 km² were mapped that can now be covered in the Clinton Health Access Initiave Malaria program.

Moreover, a TV team of SWR was visiting the event to learn more about disastermapping and the work of disastermappers heidelberg/ GIScience Research Group.

Therefore, all of you that were not able to participate still have the chance to get an overview of our work and yesterdays event in the TV broadcast about the mapathon here: SWR Mediathek (minute 14:40)

Selection_025    DSC01843

Disastermappers/GIScience in Radio Program “Early Bird”

Last week, Melanie Eckle of the disastermappers heidelberg/disaster mapping and management department (HeiGIT) was invited to do an interview in the radio program “Early bird” of Deutschland Radio Wissen. She provided an overview of the use of OpenStreetMap for disaster management and humanitarian aid and the work of the GIScience Research Group, disastermappers heidelberg, Missing Maps and the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team. Moreover, listeners had the chance to learn the most important things about mapathons. The full interview is available here (in German):

Sounds interesting? If you would like to find out more and become active yourself please feel free to join our Semester Start mapathon coming Thursday!

Semester Start Missing Maps mapathon for World Malaria Day 2017

Every year, 400 000 people – especially children- die of Malaria, an actually curable disease. The Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) is working with governments worldwide to prevent, heal and control malaria (

Many regions of our world are not covered on a map. Maps are however an important tool for planning vaccination campaigns and for ensuring medical supplies. Places that are not covered in a map are in many cases nonexistent for authorities and other organizations. We want to change this situation – with your help – and map the vulnerable places of the world in OpenStreetMap to support the work of humanitarian aid organizations like Doctors without borders or the Red Cross.

Therefore, disastermappers heidelberg and HeiGIT/GIScience Research Group invite you to a Semester Start Missing Maps Mapathon!

When? 27.04.2017, 6 pm

Where? Geographisches Institut, Berliner Straße 48

April 25th being the official World Malaria Day, in the Mapathon we will specifically focus on a task of the Malaria Elimination Campaign of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Teams that is located in Zimbabwe. The information we are collecting during our event will be used directly on the ground to take measures to fight the spreading of malaria.

A member of the Clinton Health Access Initiative’s malaria program, Katelyn Woolheater, will be connected to us via Skype to provide information about the HOT Malaria project and the use of the OpenStreetMap data on the ground.

We will moreover give an introduction into OpenStreetMap mapping, therefore there is no previous knowledge necessary. Just bring your own laptop and mouse if available.

Snacks and drinks will for sure be provided!

We are looking forward to seeing you!