GIScience/ disastermappers support for German Red Cross

Following the example of the British, American and Netherland Red Cross, who are as the GIScience Research Group Heidelberg / disastermappers all members of Missing Maps and have been collaborating with the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) and our research group for a couple of years, the German Red Cross (GRC) organized their first Mapathon in Berlin beginning of April. Melanie Eckle (HeiGIT/ HOT Board/ disastermappers) was invited to support the event that was held in scope of the Volunteer`s Day of DHL to introduce and provide an overview of disastermapping.


Due to the success of this event and in order to expand this initial experience and approach, Melanie Eckle and Luisa Griesbaum (HeiGIT/ disastermappers) are invited to Berlin again for the World Red Cross Day 2017 coming Monday. GRC members will have the chance to participate in the first internal GRC Mapathon and to learn more about the potential and the impact of mapping, HOT and Missing Maps, as well the work of our research group.


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