New Disaster OpenRouteService release

Recently our HeiGIT team @ GIScience (Heidelberg University) developed a new disaster version of OpenRouteService (ORS) to support humanitarian logistics and to enable making use of OSM data for disaster routing purposes in a more sustainable way.

Since 2008, the OpenRouteService had been applied for specific disaster cases for Haiti in 2008 and 2010, Nepal in 2015 and Ecuador in 2016.

In order to provide this tool in a permanent manner and with most recent data, the routing and disaster mapping team at HeiGIT jointly developed this new dedicated disaster ORS:

Besides the ability to navigate on daily updated OSM data, our service provides an accessibility analysis service, an interactive avoid area tool, and allows the export of GPS tracks. In addition to the usage via the web application the API endpoint can also be integrated in dedicated applications (e.g. QGIS Plugins) etc.

Check here for more information and please feel free to contact Luisa Griesbaum ( for further information and feedback.



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