Semester Closing Mapping Session

Hey all,

let’s close this semester with a relaxed mapping session next Tuesday, 28-07,  from 6pm on. This time we are just going to pick some projects from HOT’s Tasking Manager and chat while we’re mapping. Join us and become part of the global mapping community via Please prepare a headset to communicate, as well as a mouse, which will make mapping more comfortable. If you haven’t mapped before: No problem. Everyone is welcome and our mapping tutorial ensures an appropriate introduction to all contents.

Initially we planned to finished our series “Open Data & the Sustainable Development Goals” with a workshop on Mapping Poverty. However, unfortunately we did not manage to set up the workshop properly in time (shame on Benni and Nathan who started with high aspirations but too late with the preparation of the workshop ;)). Our idea was to do something along the lines of the following workflow described in this paper in Science Magazine: Combining satellite imagery and machine learning to predict poverty. For everyone interested in the field, we might find some time during our mapping session to discuss how we can make this workshop happen in the future.

See you on Tuesday,

disastermappers heidelberg

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