GIScience research group (Heidelberg University)

The focus of the GIScience research group (Geoinformatics) is the investigation and development of new web-based geographic Information Services (GIS) in different application domains such as disaster management, eHumanities to agriculture, traffic, energ and environment. The research extends conventional spatial data infrastructures (SDI) by adding the third dimension (3D city models and 3D landscape models,, location based services (LBS, in particular specialized applications in routing- , navigation and traffic management), dynamic sensor data and of course web-based geoprocessing and geographic analysis functions. Recent developments in the Web 2.0 such as user generated geodata aka VGI (e.g. OpenStreetMap, OSM) are being investigated with respect to data quality and usage potential.

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Leiner & Wolff was founded in 2003 as a spin-off of European Media Laboratory GmbH, a research facility of the Klaus Tschira Foundation (KTS, Klaus-Tschira-Stiftung). The company develops custom software solutions, especially web applications in the fields of geographic information systems and image processing. The applications are all built on open standards. The company has an international clientele from both the public and the private sector. In addition, they cooperate with universities in various projects.

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