Who we are

We are a group of young, skilled and innovative mapping and open-source enthusiasts currently establishing the first Mapping Community in Germany! We want to create a place to gather other like-minded and disaster mapping interested people and motivate others to join us to create a vibrant Mapping Community!
But we don’t just want to offer a venue, we want to offer a place to exchange and gather knowledge, improve and teach skills, create and develop new ideas and most importantly: have fun! Additionally, we offer our support, facilities and tools that are needed to map and develop your ideas further. 
Furthermore we make a contribution to glocalize the world of disaster mapping. We think that local knowledge and concentrated skills combined with the collective mind of the worldwide disaster mapping community is one step further to improve the preparedness and response to the next disaster.
As we have seen during the Mapping Events during Typhoon Haiyan, there is great potential in our city that we can develop further and make more people aware of the possibilities open-source offers, especially regarding crisis mapping. Our possibilities are only limited to our own imagination… 
Sounds interesting? Join us now and find out more!

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