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GIScience / disastermappers heidelberg in “Jetzt” magazine of Süddeutsche Zeitung

Last week we had a special guest for our New Years Mapathon: Nadja Schlüter, a journalist of the popular youth magazine “Jetzt” of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Nadja had heard about the Missing Maps related activities at our institute during an interview with MSF UK and visited us to learn more about our work and disaster mapping in general. And what better way to learn about disaster mapping than taking part in a mapathon? Read about her experiences in her article: “Heidelberger Studenten kartieren die Krisengebiete der Welt

A big thank you to all of our great supporters, we hope to see you again soon at our next mapathon!

Mapathon for MSF and the people of Aweil

We want to welcome the year 2017 with a mapathon for MSF and the people of Aweil!

When: 19.01.2017, 18:00
Where: Hörsaal, Berliner Straße 48

This time we will focus on Aweil, the capital of South Sudan’s Northern Bahr el Ghazal State. The region is home to tens of thousands of people, many of whom live on the city’s largely unmapped outskirts.

msf_bild_aweil2Aweil, South Sudan. © Adriane Ohanesian/MSF

MSF is active in Aweil since 2008, when the organization took over important medical services. Nowadays MSF teams are mapping villages and their names on the ground. With your help, this can be supported by digitizing settlements and buildings from aerial imagery. Mapping the buildings then helps to estimate the population of the individual villages and is important for MSF to identify areas of highest need.

More information will be reported at the beginning of the mapping event. We also have the chance to learn more about the project from the project management via Skype. Jan Böhm from MSF CZ will give us a more detailed introduction into the field work of MSF in Aweil.  The detailed guidance of mapping in OpenStreetMap will be explained as usual.

jan_böhm.jpgSkype talk by Jan Böhm (MSF CZ)

We are looking forward to your join! Pre-knowledge is not necessary. Just bring your laptop and mouse if available!