From Innovations to Revolutions

What is the best way to end this exciting winter’s term disastermappers colloquium? – Right, with another highlight!

We were happy to end our first colloquium term with none other than Patrick Meier, one of the most experienced and active actors in the global disastermapping community! In an interesting talk and discussion he delivered and allowed insights in the current developments in Digital Humanitarianism and recent projects.


As a first introduction he didn’t only stress on the known advantages of VGI and CrowdSourced Data Collection for disastermanagement purposes, but also on future complementation of human and machine computing. There are already some methods like AIDR to e.g. evaluate images qualitatively to conduct damage assessment by using smart technologies and human intelligence. He also elaborated on the background techniques of these method and their implementations.

Besides the research on technical issues of diastermapping, Patrick is further involved in linking the different actors and building sustainable networks to facilitate information sharing: DigitalHumanitarians, UAViators.  Another part of Patrick’s research is concerning humans as sensors and how to use them to evaluate actual happenings in our daily environment. The idea is to crowdsource evidence collection for verification purposes in disaster situations (

All in all we got a very good insight in the current research topics concerning Digital Humanitarianism and also had the possibility to ask and discuss on various further issues.DSC_0461

We are tremendously honored to be offered a cooperation with Patrick and the Quatar Computing Research Insitute and will surely follow up on this in the near future. Thanks again to all attendants and of course to Patrick Meier for the great talk!

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